Patrícia Cornils

Project Manager Brasil

Patrícia Cornils is project manager for Reporters Without Borders' (RSF) Media Ownership Monitor in Brasil. She is a reporter and activist for digital rights, that worked for the brasilian newspaper Valor Econômico as a telecommunications reporter, and was one of the creators of ARede magazine, a magazine dealing with the use of digital technologies in social inclusion projects. She also worked on the creation of independent media with Jornalistas Livres, De Olho nos Ruralistas and contributes with Outras Palavras. She was part in the community Transparência Hacker and Ônibus Hacker and worked on the Free Wi-Fi Project of the São Paulo City Hall and also at Interagentes, a company specialized in monitoring, intervention actions and network articulation. Today, apart from her work with RSF, she is part of Actantes, a group of activists promoting network freedom. Actantes is one of the organizers of CryptoRave (a collective effort to spread the fundamental concepts of privacy and internet freedom and the use of digital security tools) and part of "Coalition Rights in the Network" in Brasil, an advocacy group on internet rights.

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